This is my homemade camper “Blue No. 1”.②

The next is electrical.

When you travel on a long trip, you will need electricity as well as charging smartphones and PCs.

↓ This put on the loft part becomes the heart of electricity.

Most of the camper now running in Japan is using a car battery. It is obsolete to say clearly.

The blue No. 1 adopts the lithium ion storage battery which precisely anticipated the AI ​​era.

(Note) ↑ It has nothing to do with AI.

Put this import wiring out from the hole opened in the wall,

I am connected to a solar panel (100 w) attached to the roof.

I thought the solar panel was awkward, but this was like a thick underlay of Yawayawawa and it was easy to fix just by driving the course thread to the end.

Also, when rain or cloudy weather, solar does not activate, so it can also be charged from a 24 volt cigarette lighter in the driver ‘s seat.

↑ Blue to Solar, Yellow to Cigar Socket

The one connected to this power supply is the interior light of LED first.

This is the brightness that I can not defeat at home. It is a big reborn.

Engel freezing refrigerator for the main purpose to drink cold beer and highball at any time. I think that Engel refrigerator of the top cover type is the best personally as an in-vehicle refrigerator.

35 liter type is entering a considerable amount.

Because I wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning 24-inch television for watching mainly football game.

The onboard antenna for watching television is over 100,000 yen, but it is only 2000 yen indoor antenna.

Although it is a thin antenna like this underlay, this is quite well reflected if you move around here (In Sapporo area why the telecasting system is bad and why the Tele East is reflected).

Speakers (on the left and right).

If you connect this to a smartphone, it will be transformed into a high-quality audio room.

Taking a trip by Takuro Yoshida on your journey, you can pinch your neck and take a look at the lunar moon floating outside the window, you will not feel like holding you anymore.

USB charging such as camera or smartphone (with 4 USB charging outlets) etc.

When you are in a small space outside is worrisome. When there was an unexpected visitor in the middle of the night, we also equipped a scope that could confirm outside from inside the room.

In other details, familiar LED lantern of GENTOS.

I think that the interior lights will be used mainly outside because they are wired interior lights. It is said that it can be used for 72 hours continuous at 280 lumens but I have not used it yet.

Bedside LED bulb.

Safety aspects are also perfect. The left is a smoke detector Nittan Kimu Tan chan, the right is a carbon monoxide warning machine for indoor grilled meat.

Fire extinguisher and kinchor. It is always in a position to respond quickly in case of emergency.

Alcohol relations such as sake, wine, whiskey, shochu, vodka, tequila, awamori, bourbon must be enriched. It is, so to speak, the lifeline of the trip.

Seasoning. I installed it overhead so that I could retrieve it as soon as I reached out when needed.

Temperature / hygrometer.

Storage space under the bed.

In the deepest part of this storage space I have hidden something very important as a journey item … but, hehe he is a secret. Publish after going on a long journey.

And one thing indispensable in talking about Blue No. 1.

I do not understand just by looking, but beyond this wall (5.5 mm of the beach)

Insulation material with side 25 mm and floor and ceiling 15 mm

I’m in with a gap of 1 mm and closely. That is, when viewed from the outside,

The outermost side is a cedar with a thickness of ⒓ mm, a water-resistant seal with a thickness of 5.5 mm, a heat insulating material with a thickness of 25 mm (ceiling / floor is 15 mm), a 5.5 mm benchia and a quadruple structure, and the window is a threat Acrylic 3 mm double window.

Legend of ski world Legend of Tsuboi home belonging to Kaishi Kiyosi belonging to Kiyosaki Kasai None of the snow country houses pursuing high airtightness, high insulation and high durability adopted “external insulation BES-T construction method” and “2 × 4 construction method” Hmm.

Actually, even though we stopped under the sun’s glare in the hot weather not like Hokkaido this 2-3 days, the body itself was not hot, so it was very comfortable if there were winds.

Finally I saw the entrance from the back side.

Despite having no bathtub, you can feel hot spring.

Moreover, it is a mixed bath.

Today is here. The next round of the last round is a kitchen & toilet & outrunning relationship.