I’m leaving for a trip on a mixed bath

I live in Sapporo, Japan.

In 2017 I became 60 years old, quit my company and decided to go on a journey with my own camper.
It is a journey around Japanese mixed-bath open-air bath.
Please listen to the story of my little adventure starting from now.


It is departure morning.

But thinking carefully, the world is in the middle of Obon holidays.

When everyone working hard is not going to purposely go out of the way when retired people go hand in hand with a little rest.

I also thought that I am planning to depart because I am in the house even if I am at home.

Well, I decided on the specific theme of the trip as “a journey of 500 domestic long-distance mixed bathing outdoor hot spring bath journey”, but I decided to record on the side of the car body so as not to forget the domestic hot spring.

However, it is very confusing because I decided to write the name of the place I went. So we decided to color-coding and write the outcome of the open-air bath in yellow, like this.

I wrote this three days ago

It’s strange, is not it?

Most people think that.

The next morning of the day I wrote, Hakimu Tokyo branch manager came up,

One hour after returning home, the camels and couple appeared this time

Opening first,

“Mixed” of mixed bath is “insect” “Kun”.

It is sharp … It is pointed out. Well.

I added a hurry,

Why do not you notice, Hakimu branch manager! You saw it properly, did not you?

If the camels and couple did not show up, it was about going on a journey and shamming like this.

Well I also wrote those who wrote (but I found mistakes in even simple letters if I write it carefully ← It is just excuse).

It can not be helped. Hakimu branch manager, when I joined the company, I was given a drink of kanji for elementary school first grade by a drinking boss called Koseki.

Supply water,

I bought food,

And as I was foretelling

“I will go on a trip on the memory of youth”

Change the subtitle subtitle like that to a proper one, ↑

Travel theme Place the plate behind,

It is departure.

Well, farewell.