It is hard from the first day of the trip

I live in Sapporo, Japan.

In 2017 I became 60 years old, quit my company and decided to go on a journey with my own camper.
It is a journey around Japanese mixed-bath open-air bath.
Please listen to the story of my little adventure starting from now.


I left Sapporo yesterday.

It is 4:47 in the morning.

outside is,


It is slightly hazy.

Is the outside temperature around 14 degrees Celsius?

It is at the foot of Asahidake 1100 meters above sea level.

It is the building of the Asahidake Ropeway pilot that is visible in the upper left.

I left Sapporo at 10 o’clock yesterday and came all at once to such place.

The mixed bathing outdoor bath in Hokkaido roughly speaking, it forms a line called Dobo – Obihiro – Niseko – Donan.

Therefore, since it is not in north North, first I was going to the east and thought about going to Kamuiwakka hot spring in Shiretoko at once, but actually, as I went to Fukiage no yu in Kamifurano in the last trip, There is a mixed bathing stall.

Asahidake Onsen Pila no yu
Asahidake Onsen Iwanoyu
It is three.

(Note) The hot springs visited on this trip are limited to “mixed bathing outdoor baths for free or less than 500 yen.”

This neighborhood has just gone ahead of this, so I did not feel much like that, but I first decided to attack the Midong direction in earnest.


Pass the Mikasa Keinzawa lakeside,

Receive a prospect of Kita fox

Passing to Ashibetsu,

↑ Asubetsu sightseeing three-stage waterfall

I came back to Furano just last time.

Because I thought about going slowly leisurely without running so much from the previous reflections, thought that I would stay over this Furano

Why are there so many cars!

Every parking lot is full of cars. Well, it’s unavoidable because it’s a holiday break.

So I decided to run for another hour and a half to go to Asahidake hot spring at once. It will be a hard trip from the first day.

The first mixed bathing outdoor bath in this long journey is Nutapukaushipe.

I can not memorize it even if I look at it many times. It is a terrific name.

It is in the lodge here.

When I go to the reception, the day bathing is 12: 00-16: 00.

It is now 15:30. In a panic, I returned to the car and brought in with only the camera and towel.

The admission fee is 500 yen for this regulation Gili.

Will it be possible to see beautiful women or milfs from the very beginning?

As you enter a dark aisle dedicated to mixed bathing outdoor, there is a dressing room, and ahead

Oh, it feels nice.

There is no appearance that no one is contained.

Well, it’s a nice hot water.

And then, from the back behind the scenes footsteps

I decided to leave the deployment after this to my imagination,

Mr. Onee took a picture

Is not it a nice spa? It will be healed very much.

This is an inside bath for men only.

There is quite a feeling. I could not do it slowly because the time was only 30 minutes, but it is enough.

Today ‘s stay was a town operated parking lot just under the Asahi – dake ropeway.

From the first day, blue sheets are a big success.

I am going to the other two open air tomorrow from here.