The world shines brightly

I live in Sapporo, Japan.

In 2017 I became 60 years old, quit my company and decided to go on a journey with my own camper.
It is a journey around Japanese mixed-bath open-air bath.
Please listen to the story of my little adventure starting from now.


I came to Shirataki Kogen.

Where to feel the “summer” season, of course there is also the intensity of light, but the shadow density that occurs at the same time. The stronger this contrast, the more summer you feel.

Today was such a day.

After leaving the unfortunate Shirataki Kogen campground,

Go down one street east, under the blue sky.

Oh, what a wonderful weather.

The world is shining brilliantly.

And the shadow that light produces.

A single stretch extending towards the foot of the mountain by the side of the tortoises.

It is summer.

It is summer in Hokkaido.

The wind blowing breeze is refreshing.

It is a blue wind.

Just now, it is blowing in the blue wind.

How comfortable is it?

It is the time of bliss.

Today’s schedule is an unwelcome forest auto campground in Marugosei-machi.

It is just 40 minutes away from Nabis, but I will run here for 3 hours.

It is Kamakitaki Shrine which was on the side of the road. I tried to go to the shrine in the back, but there is a railway over there. Then,

Danger. Please do not enter the track.

The signboard of.

Entering here and shooting makes Matsumoto & Hayami become.

It is mysterious.

How do you go to that shrine without entering the track? There is no other way to look at the map of google.

On the roadside, there is a sign of “13 most faces of the grass coats in Japan”. It seems like a gateball field …


“Japan’s best”

The body reacts to the letter of. It looks like a dog in Pavlov. Why is that? Is there something tough with this phrase in the past and trauma?

Yeah, Nippon Ichi!

I hear a dummy voice called auditory hallucination.


It is Maruisei Ikoi no Mori Auto Campground.

Is lonely

Anyway, yesterday’s Shirataki Kogen campground was where Asia was.

The admission fee is 300 yen.

A car can be put in the maintenance forest like this. Well, there are other places like this, but there are probably some amazing facilities & systems that might be just here in the whole country.

I thought it was a lodge when I first saw it,

Do you understand somewhat?

First of all, we will cut off the wood.

At the campsite of Marugoe Cloth which is coming now we sold some firewood in a bunch

It is small.

This Shirataki Campsite does not say such a small thing.

Just steadily break up the firewood. Because it is free, and free you can split the firewood.

Then, we split broken firewood

Brought to the back of the building of the lodge style just before, to one of the four Kamado

Turn on firewood and throw in firewood.

It comes like this as you approach the front of the lodge.

If you open one of the four doors that you are preparing,

It is a bathroom. Moreover,

Ishikawa · · · It is Goemonmoronbu.

In other words, this building is a bathroom with 4 bathrooms,

Break firewood without permission and boil a bath by myself.

It is becoming the system called. I put it all over again and it is all included in 300 yen.

What kind of campsite is this?

The old man who came from Osaka likes this place and seems to be doing many nights.

I also entered firmly. Without breaking firewood, without turning on fire

When I opened the room I was preparing, I entered plenty of plenty of hot water, so I just entered.

It seems that someone went home without removing hot water.

Well, it’s because the public bath is such a thing.