This is my homemade camper “Blue No. 1”.③

It is the last round.

First of all, it is a kitchen.

The kitchen and the toilet attached to the outside of the door.

I am in trouble if it is told why, but I was wondering if that person would somehow better. The interior is coming to sleep with steam, and after all the toilet is outside.

It is 10 liters of water supply polytane.

There is a sink below.

Because it was not in the home center, purchased by Amazon.

It is affordable with 325 × 265 × 100 mm.

And it leads to drainage polytan (20 liters).

no. I can not do such a narrow dish ♡

The housewife’s thought I thought.

Do not worry. This part on the right side

If you lift and hang the right end string on the ceiling,

It is the completion of the counter three times the size.

Kitchen knife, spatula, cooking scissors insertion.

Dish dish.

Fry pan, stove, pan put in.

accessory case.

And the other side of the kitchen is a flush toilet.

I would like to attach a washlet, but it seems that it has not been released yet.

It seems that the campers are discussing whether or not a camper toilet is necessary, but it is convenient if there is still it. Because it’s hard to go to the toilet away from the car during the rainy or cold night.

But, if you have something like getting on Blue No. 1, do not use it. Because I do not know what kind of postprocessing is.

It is the ceiling part between the kitchen and the toilet. It is a blue sheet that looks blue in the back and two poles and a scoop in front.

On a rainy day, if you cover the back with a blue sheet,

Cooking is also fun.

I can not see it from the outside either.

Furthermore, if you use Paul who was active in the weather and rain when camping in Shakotan 37 years ago,

As it is, this will be a shade for sun shading removal.

And I bought it next to the refrigerator under this table

Expanding the folding table and letting the chair out, you can feel like Lun Lun’s outdoor leisure.

By the way, what was the scoop that came out earlier,

And you pointing out sludy.

Once in the past, when I climbed the mountain it was a necessity, so it was loaded, but what on earth should I use it for?

Mystery is.

Also, if you use a stretch ladder that is normally stored in a toilet,

It also becomes a staircase when getting on and off a car,

It is useful for roof repair and other occasions.

It extends to 2.6 m maximum.

In addition, in terms of safety, apart from the smoke detector & carbon monoxide detector installed in the car, a thermal detector is installed on the sink.

Furthermore, overhead of Chiako Naniwa who smiles smiley,

We set up a back camera and are playing a part in safety.

ORIGIN back camera. Although I fought hard on the wiring, I managed to do it myself.

It is a powerful LED light which automatically turns on when a person approaches in this dark time.

For example, a suspicious person who tried to intrude in the middle of the night,

As soon as you approach blue No. 1, you will be illuminated by a powerful light suddenly, you feel a bad line of sight and raise your face quickly, Chiaki Naniwa (or Ms. Yoko Matsuyama) smiled cheerfully smiling Oronain Ointment (or Bon Curry) with one hand I am shooting with a security camera

It will taste the sense of fear.