This is my homemade camper “Blue No. 1”.①

“Blue No. 1” is completed.

It is a work I made by betting the last passion of a salaried worker. It was fun.

If you were to build a house, what kind of house would you like?

What I’ve been thinking since long ago seems to be broken when I look at it from the outside, but in fact the inside is actually equipped with a state-of-the-art system, the house whose contents and contents are entirely different.

Although I intended to make it with such a concept, when I look at this way now, something far beyond the state-of-the-art of childish masochi has been made, but our ideas and ingenuity have been given to various places, I think that there is a feeling of excitement not found in the camper, but perhaps the only thing I think is the servant’s servant who made it.

Although it is said to be completed, although it is probably inconvenient as I use it, I am improving here and there, so it is not complete completion.

So, there is nothing like the whole picture of blue No. 1, but I will introduce it.

First, from the appearance.

It’s in the front. Signboard of ‘Blue No. 1’ stands out.

With about 30% of the probability, you will be asked “Is No. 2 made?”

The answer is …, it is troublesome to write, so please read here.

It is side view.

It is plain. There is nothing to see. I need to manage somehow.

It is a back view of the first boast of blue.

“Yu” “Liquor” is basically removed during running. Chieko Naniwa of Oronain ointment sometimes replaces Bonkarei’s Mr. Yoko Matsuyama (79 years old).

What do they mean for “Yu” and “Lantern of liquor?”

Is it?

Huhuu, you will understand in a while. It is secret now.

It is a state of the interior that has not been released until now.

I just looked into it from the entrance.

The sofa cum bed (length 180 cm) on the left side, the sofa cum bed with a backrest behind the back (152 cm in length).

The right is a table and work desk.

Next is the window. Long ago, I adopted “3 step reverse slide method” developed by Hatoya of “Hatoya if going to Ito.”

Full opening ↓


A little ↓

Well, if you make even a bar with different lengths, you can do it in 4 steps or 5 steps … · · ·

Although the world has entered the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) era, time has stopped here only. It would be Neanderthal level.

Moreover, this way of locking is in this fingerprint authentication or face authentication era.

Well, how retro it is. It is 160 yen with 4 coins in Homac.

However, such a thing is not enough to take in the end of the branches and leaves. The greatest feature of this window is that,

Threat acrylic double glazing.

As I speak this, it will be long, so I will introduce it as “How to make a self-made camper”, but I botherly bought a YKK company’s aluminum sash (it is told that it is an obstacle from my wife and put it away)

It can be said that it is the result of research.

This is cold & soundproof measures are perfect.

I think that it is hard to understand, but it has a screen door properly. I also had a hard time with this. I was worried about how to fix Daiso’s 100 yen Ami on the crate. Moreover, how it opens and closes.

I just opened it.

Hinge the upper part with the hinge to the upper part of the window and hang it on the hook of the ceiling by raising the lower part up. I just raised the screen doors on both sides.

And I made a cloth which I bought at Canary (cloth shop) for 1 m380 yen for the first time in decades since primary school by hand sewing

The curtain that I made.

Next is the third bed. For example, when you travel with two people you probably are having trouble sleeping time between the two people. When one sleeps in a tight space, the other has to spend carefully.

Although it is a rear sofa, this kind of backrest exerts its power.

Remove the part of the backrest and lift it to the same height as the loft part and hang it on the crosspieces on both sides,

It will be like this.

I can not sleep because of the usual loft part, but by doing like this you can easily sleep with my height (174 cm) (but diagonal).

And if you blindfold with a curtain, a private space comparable to a capsule hotel will be realized.

If you lower the TV, you will be an earphone, but you can relax on the TV.

Well, I got tired, so I will be back tomorrow.