I found a wild hot spring

I live in Sapporo, Japan.

In 2017 I became 60 years old, quit my company and decided to go on a journey with my own camper.
It is a journey around Japanese mixed-bath open-air bath.
Please listen to the story of my little adventure starting from now.


I am in Asahidake.

The second mixed bathing outdoor is hot water of Asahidake Onsen rock & Pila no yu.

Such a wild mountain walking may have been since the Yabu rowing of the Shirakami mountains of Akita 40 years ago (← somewhat exaggerated).

* Rowing Job: Actions beyond the range of human beings going through the bushes without roads


As the drizzle drifts at the entrance on the right side of the Asahi-dake ropeway (wrongly went to the left at the beginning), it will rise toward the Tenjinagahara Mogahara.

At first it is such a tree road,

Eventually it became an ordinary mountain path

Because it comes to a forked road,

Go along the hose along the road on the left side where a thick hose is stretching.

From this source it is probably carrying hot springs down with this hose.

I will follow this hose anywhere,

If you climb this place like Ayer, it will strike the swamp.

Will you travel over this hose and cross the lake?

It’s a lie. I can not get down to Sawa.

Suddenly, looking at the left side, you can see something that looks like a thin iron plate over Yab.

Once you return and climb such a small cliff

Oh, it’s a bridge. Apparently the road seems wrong.

Crossing here, I’m going to a little open place like this, but … I wonder which way to go.

Perhaps because most people are missing, the road is gone. I also lost sight of the hose. Still he found something that seems to be after stepping on the right side,

Oh, like a stairway to climb heaven, a narrow path of muddy appears. A rope is stretched on the left side.

The right side is small river .

And this is the street.

It is Guja Rinko.

Climbing here while grasping the rope … already your feet are hot. It is a hot spring road.

Even then, as you go through such a bush (you can not see the road)

Oh! Is not that? There is something like a puddle.

That’s right, this is “rockyu”. From the top,

It is like this. It’s quite easy. And just above that,

There is “Pila no yu”.

So, it is a bathing scene of 60 men.

↓ Pila no yu


Tempered! The upper pillar is still warmer, but it is around 30 degrees. Besides, it is shallow.

By saying that,

It’s wild. Feel free to take a mini skirt and high heels

Well then I’m going to take a little bath

Do not go with etc. I will become a whole body.

But, it was fun.



By the way Did you run at high speed, this chicken bastard!

I got the comment. Actually I ran today today, I told you I’m sorry.

Navi settings

I will not go through the highway

Although it is done, descending from Hokkaido to Higashikawa-cho, I went to Shirataki Kogen campground, but navi

You can ride fast. Get on early, get on quickly, not getting down, you chicken bastard

I will persistently ride fast. For some reason probably the high speed in the far direction from Asahikawa is free.

What should I do if the rear hut is gone when I arrive

Although there was a little uneasy,

Because I am free, I take a ride once

Although I ran from around Ukawa, … Because the maximum speed was 70 km, I ran around 80-85 km, but it was hard to run on one way lane and the car behind me coming soon, so the car in the middle I got off at Ukishima IC.

But the part of the hut with it properly.

After that, we went on a general road, but how comfortable is it? It was almost monopolistic.

It is fast to see on ↓.

Is there such a high speed in the mountains? Nippon is wealthy.

So, today’s accommodation is at Shirataki Kogen campground in Takamachi.

It is a nice place.