Fear! Encounter with a bear

I live in Sapporo, Japan.

In 2017 I became 60 years old, quit my company and decided to go on a journey with my own camper.
It is a journey around Japanese mixed-bath open-air bath.
Please listen to the story of my little adventure starting from now.


I am now at Shiretoko Utoro Road Station.

I wrote a blog and updated it with the wifi of the road station, but once I got back to the car I thought about trying to rectify · · · I got troublesome · I messed with my smart · · · all disappeared.

Kamui Wakka ‘s waterfall went about 35 years ago when she got married.

At that time, I could go to the upper side, but now it seems that I can only go to the bottom pot of a pot like a falling stone danger.

However, according to the information, it seems to be very crowded. So it seems to be treated as pervert when entering with a mapper,

Hot springs will be mappers

I’d like to enter naked as anything. So, if I go to the bath most, so I will not be treated as pervert because nobody is there, so I departed at Utoro Road Station on a road bike at 5:05.

The paved road to the branch point of Shiretoko Goko and Kamui Wakka is 12 km. After that the dirt road is 11 km. Well it will be three hours even if you go slowly. It is a victory.

However, from the conclusion, we could not reach the Kamiyawakka waterfall.

Well, why not?

  • A bear comes out
    I have hemorrhoids
    I got gout

It is a town of Utoro before the morning sun hit.

A lot of anglers are going out at the beach aiming at the colorful masses.

Within three minutes from departing, there is a strong climb …

That’s it. I forgot. That this world is made in three dimensions rather than two dimensions.

I used to ride a bike from Bali’s Kuta coast 17 years ago to the village of Ubud in the mountain, but it was just 40 km away,

Well it’s three hours even if you go slowly. You will arrive in the afternoon.

I started around 10 o’clock but it took about 30 minutes and I realized that it was a foolish idea ignoring what is called altitude difference at all. Besides, the scorching sun is shining as glaringly as when it is sunny, and arrived in the evening. I was becoming hello.

It is hard for 60 men to climb this Shiretoko.

I am going to run through such places,

Walk straight away

Also running with Yota yota

It arrived at the branch point with Goko at 6:45. Since it seems that climbing continues on the dirt road ahead, put a road bike here,

I will walk with Togotobo on the way ahead.

I’m going to walk through such places …

It is a mistake to be crowded in humans. It is from August 26th.

(Note) You can drive to Kamuiwakka Falls by car from 8/26 ~.

Because you do not have a guy walking along the road where such a bear is likely to come.

But what if you have a gout attack here?

I can not walk a step, and even my haemorrhoids came out and my bear appeared there … I guess it would be over

I will climb thinking about … etc.

Walking about 30 minutes, this signboard.

Do not come close! Do you have it?

What will you do if you approach from over there?

And there is a small bridge shortly after this,

Even if I have a little break here

It is that time that I thought.

Something dark like something ahead 100 meters ahead,

Will not you head to this place with your nose?


Well then.


I steadily walk towards me.

Show me your back and do not run away. Hold your eyes slowly and slowly.

I immediately came up with this word, I tried back and forth and tried to look at my eyes … but the bear is pretty easy to see because the bear will not see me either here and there.

I am walking with my nose, so if I dash like this I will escape somehow,

By the way the time is at 7:15. I must be looking for breakfast.

When is your soul?

Watch breakfast!

I do not know if it will turn into a dash. I am probably noticeable from the eyes of a bear wearing a sky blue sea bread in a flashy orange shirt.

↑ Shot this about 5 minutes ago

While turning back and forth … I turn on the camera and try to shoot, but the pin does not fit in the backward state (later on the picture).

Finally I was able to escape from the field of vision

Do not leave a picture as a blogger!

The voice of the sky said, go a little back and await at the bridge

This is what I took with a click.

That’s scary, right? This is getting closer.

That is the movie.

After that, while running halfway,

Next time I get caught in a crimp. I do not know. It is not bad to escape into the bush.

I managed to find a branch point and somehow got patrols,

If you tell me about the appearance of a bear,

I guess I did not run away towards the back


Oh, I was scared.